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Gay or Scummy – Episode 1: Vomit Lipped Man Kiss

If you kiss a dude on the lips after recently vomiting for the sole purpose of making him taste the forementioned vomit?

Does that make you Gay or Scummy?




It’s a Good Idea – Episode 1: Movie Pitch

Remember that movie “Little Man Tate“? No, you probably don’t, idiot. It’s about this little kid that happens to be a genius; In all likelihood the writers based the script on the childhood of one of the authors of this site.  Cheap fucks are too stingy to pay us royalties.

Anyway… I propose a new better movie: “Little Man’s Taint”, a tell-all documentary on midget sexual fetishes.

ACL Fest

For those of you who like music, check out It’s happening sept 14-16 here in Austin. That is also my birthday weekend. I don’t see any bands on the lineup that I would have to see before I die, but I am also not as lame as most people in this world – yes, even as rad as the Arctic Monkeys may be. My point is, if you want to come to the show, I have a place for you to stay considering I just bought this righteous new pad. I’ll host up to 4 of you. I think wristbands for the weekend are still at $140.

Shopped and Screwed – Episode 1: Gorilla Raptor



Welcome to teh Shit Show.

teh intertubes will never be teh same.