Shopped and Screwed – Episode 2: The BuffaLOL Contest

The submissions of our first photo-shop contest are in. They fill the spectrum of Totally Sweet to sucking like 30 god damn dicks. Feel free to comment on which one you think is the best, but to be honest, we really don’t fuckng care. We’ll just ignore it and tell you which one actually is the best. Winner and fabulous prize to be announced soon.

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Gay or Scummy – Episode 1: Vomit Lipped Man Kiss

If you kiss a dude on the lips after recently vomiting for the sole purpose of making him taste the forementioned vomit?

Does that make you Gay or Scummy?



It’s a Good Idea – Episode 1: Movie Pitch

Remember that movie “Little Man Tate“? No, you probably don’t, idiot. It’s about this little kid that happens to be a genius; In all likelihood the writers based the script on the childhood of one of the authors of this site.  Cheap fucks are too stingy to pay us royalties.

Anyway… I propose a new better movie: “Little Man’s Taint”, a tell-all documentary on midget sexual fetishes.

ACL Fest

For those of you who like music, check out It’s happening sept 14-16 here in Austin. That is also my birthday weekend. I don’t see any bands on the lineup that I would have to see before I die, but I am also not as lame as most people in this world – yes, even as rad as the Arctic Monkeys may be. My point is, if you want to come to the show, I have a place for you to stay considering I just bought this righteous new pad. I’ll host up to 4 of you. I think wristbands for the weekend are still at $140.

Shopped and Screwed – Episode 1: Gorilla Raptor



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